A few weeks ago you might remember I showed you some of BricsCAD’s new tool to automatically generate exploded drawings. Today, due to popular demand, here’s a quick guide on how to create a blueprint in BricsCAD. However, you can use these techniques to create any color scheme you choose.

How to Create a Blueprint in BricsCAD:

  1. Begin with your exploded drawing.exploded drawing black and white
  2. Use VIEWEXPORT to export the drawing view to the modelspace.line drawing exploded view model space
  3. Copy/Paste the view block from model space to layout. Use the original drawing as a guide for placement.
    Note You will need to adjust the scale to match.
  4. Delete the original drawing view.
  5. Use IMAGEATTACH to insert an image with the correct background color.
  6. Use DRAWORDER – Send to Back to move the image to the background.
  7. Change the layer colors, as required. – I’m going for a slightly off-white color here give give it a more authentic blueprint feel.
    Note: Make sure the entity color is set to “Layer” in Properties panel.
    blueprint background color
  8. In the Drawing Explorer change the MLeader style color to ‘Layer’.mleader line color blue
  9. Export the drawing to PDF. The result should be something like this:blueprint bricscad