Technical illustrators and draftsmen and women of the world rejoice. Say “Hello” to BricsCAD Mechanical’s Automated Drafting. You no longer need to spend hours adding callouts to your drawings, waste time making sure that you don’t explode components out of order or constantly rework the same drawing every time the engineer changes a part. I’ve mentioned before that I used to work as a technical illustrator. When I saw what BricsCAD Mechanical could do, I realized how much time I had wasted on repetitive tasks, that could have been fully automated by using BricsCAD Mechanical.

How do I make a technical illustration with BricsCAD Mechanical?

  • If the project was created in BricsCAD, do nothing.
    Or, if the project was created in an external program, use  BMMECH and allow BricsCAD to automatically generate an assembly tree.
  • Use the technical illustration BMEXPLODE command. BricsCAD Mechanical’s new liner function will ensure that the individual components avoid physical collisions and break apart in real-world order. Edit and manage exploded representations from the Mechanical Browser.
  • Generate an automatic drawing view and paste it into a customized layout. 2D drafting isometric bill of matterials BMBOM Inserts the Bill-of-Materials (BOM) table in the current drawing.
  • Then, use drafting BMBALLOON Auto to create balloon callouts for all components with a single click! Customize the style to suit your needs.
  • You can then use Bricsys native 24/7 software to manage and share the file
    exploed diagram technical illustration drafting
    It is also possible to animate your exploded representations in BricsCAD

The best part: this file has stayed in the same workflow. Update models and drawings quickly and efficiently, without starting from scratch.

That’s great but how about isometric, flat views and section drafting?

Use drafting cad flat view VIEWBASE to create automatically generated isometric and side views. No need to muck about switching planes, aligning camera views or exporting .svg files (but you still can if you want!). Allow BricsCAD Mechanical to do all the work. Then, with just a few more clicks and section view technical drawing drafting VIEWSECTION, you have section views too! Chose from Full Section, Half Section, Offset Section and Aligned. Again, no need to worry about camera angles, lost layouts and accidental non-isometric exports. You have to see it in action to really understand how quickly you can draft with BricsCAD Mechanical.

technical section drawing views drafting
Automatically generated section views

How does this compare to other solutions?

The first thing that really leaps out at you when you see BricsCAD Mechanical exports is just how clean the exported .dwg images are! No need to spend hours deleting section lines or re-drawing ellipses.

exploded diagrams technical illustration drafting
Detail view to show the export quality of 2D drafted items in BricsCAD

Technical drafting is typically a lengthy process that requires many different software packages and requires the user to switch between different file formats, which introduces a lot of room for error. And, when the Engineer changes a part? Then typically you have to start again from scratch. I really believe that BricsCAD Mechanical offers a beginning to end solution like no other.

exploded diagram technical illustration drafting ballons
All bombs placed automatically by BricsCAD mechanical. Arrange in a circle or along a polyline.

Exploded representations are associative. Each part in an exploded representation is linked with the corresponding part in the assembly. This means it’s easy to keep exploded representations and balloon callouts up to date to the current state of the assembly as well as to place balloon annotations. Use the BMBALLOON command and guess what? Just like everything else in V19, balloons are parametrizable too!

Ready to start drafting in BricsCAD?

Easy to try, easy to buy, easy to own. That’s BricsCAD. Download free for 30 days at Freedom of choice, plus perpetual (permanent) product licenses that work with all languages, in all places. You’ll love what we’ve built for you with the BricsCAD V19 product family.

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