Did you know you can animate your designs in BricsCAD?

CAD animation is not just a fun toy for animators and game developers. It also has some really useful practical advantages. It gives designers the possibility to analyze designs before production and see how it works in real-life scenarios.
CAD animation

Inverse Kinematics

With BricsCAD V19 you can now make use of 3D constraints on complex objects, including Blocks. This might not sound like much, but when you see it in action, things get really cool! Watch as we use Concentric Constraints to analyze the Inverse Kinematics of an excavator.

Animating Parameters

During a live demo at the Bricsys conference, we were shown how to animate parameters and save them as presets. The guys reposition a human figure into a variety of postures, all using BricsCAD. Animation is an invaluable tool for testing real-world scenarios.

CAD animation

Export to video

Use the new extension of the ANIPATH command to make animations and export them as movies. Record the movie with a fixed or a moving camera. You can choose to make the camera sweep along a path or between two points. This is a great way of sending a preview to your client and the export option give a wide variety of rendering possibilities, frame size, and speed. It’s a great way of gaining a first-person perspective or an aerial overview of your designs.

For the little girls and boys inside of all of us, here’s a digger in action:

Exploded Assemblies

This is a whole new category of animation. Say goodbye to dodgy IKEA-style instructions. Animation functionalities are also available with the extended Explode functionalities. Quickly generate the breakdown of objects by animating an assembly/disassembly in steps or watch one at a time. This function is extremely valuable for test the construction and assembly/disassembly of a design. It is possible to automatically hide components not important for a particular step during the animation using the Auto-hide property of the exploded representation.

CAD animation

As for where these functions are going in the future? Let me just say “3D PDF” and leave it at that.

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