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The .dwg revolution continues from Bricsys. We’ve revolutionized BIM by smashing the myth that .dwg-based systems can’t do BIM. We’re ready to smash some mechanical product design myths, too. So what’s the plan?  First, we added the Platinum edition of BricsCAD to the product formerly known as Sheet Metal for BricsCAD. Then, we mixed in an incredible list of new V19 features around 3D modeling, parametrics, kinematics, assembly modeling and product detailing. Stir well and – voila! – welcome to the all-new BricsCAD Mechanical.

BricsCAD Mechanical brings the power of direct modeling to the world of .dwg-based Computer Aided Design. You’ll get ultimate 3D direct modeling freedom with BricsCAD Mechanical, and the safety & security of the industry-standard CAD storage format. Until now, mechanical part modeling, assembly modeling and drawing creation have never been this well integrated into a single, modern user interface. And it’s all in one .dwg-based product – BricsCAD.

More than BricsCAD Platinum plus Sheet Metal

BricsCAD Mechanical sheet metal

In BricsCAD Mechanical V19, new & enhanced parametric components, associative arrays and component-based features work together to simplify complex families of reusable parts. We offer new & powerful direct modeling features, simplified constraint and parameter creation, and a modern assembly modeling workflow that leverages familiar XREFs. You can create complex sheet metal parts simply from scratch, or from existing solids. If you wish, you can create sheet metal components from parts imported from other CAD systems. Our loft-based modeling technology creates robust sheet metal components that can be modified deeply without errors. And we interface directly with industry-standard CAM systems for sheet metal fabrication.

Without accurate documentation, nothing gets manufactured. The BricsCAD Mechanical drafting workflow is enhanced to create fully-detailed manufacturing drawings, automatically from your assemblies. We have enhanced drawing view generation in both feature set and overall performance. Use the BMEXPLODE command to automatically create exploded representations of assemblies. Finally, fast bills-of-materials generation with automated balloon placement, plus the new V19 automated assembly explosion tools will help you annotate production drawings in record time.

BricsCAD Mechcanical

And once again, we’ve enhanced BricsCAD Communicator to import parts and assemblies from industry standard CAD systems, with full fidelity. Product manufacturing information (PMI) comes into BricsCAD as model metadata. You can also export a variety of CAD formats from Communicator, enhancing your ability to collaborate with designers and manufacturers around the globe.

There’s a lot more to V19

BricsCAD Mechanical V19 and Communicator V19 are now available for free, for 30 days at Starting with V19, every license of BricsCAD works in all geographies and all language versions. Above all, this represents your freedom of choice from your friends at Bricsys.

As always, Bricsys offers BricsCAD Mechanical V19 as a perpetual (permanent) software license, so customers have never-ending access to their design data. Bricsys believe that no other company can promise this, all in one, industry-standard platform.

BricsCAD is the solution for now and the future of .dwg-based CAD, because, in today’s business world, it should be all about choice, and all about you. That’s BricsCAD®. And all of us at Bricsys are proud to be a part of Hexagon PPM.

Don Strimbu

Don is our VP of Communications at Bricsys. He has spent 2/3rds of his life in the CAD industry. Don is a huge fan of (truly usable) technology, high fidelity audio and (really) well-designed machines.

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