BricsCAD Shape

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What is BricsCAD Shape?

BricsCAD® Shape is the new conceptual modeling tool from Bricsys. It’s made to help architects and engineers streamline their 3D schematic design work. Shape is the fastest way to get designs out of your head and in front of your clients. It’s CAD-accurate, using a powerful direct modeling engine.

You can use it as a live presentation tool, too. Potentially best of all, Shape offers a clean, simple user interface that you can learn in 30 minutes or less

BricsCAD Shape lets you create without limits

Shape’s smart modeling tools make it easy to capture in 3D. The multi-functional “Shape” tool can be used to create walls, slabs, structural elements and more. Direct modeling features let you drag, connect, push/pull and extrude as you like. Wall connections are automatically mitered for you. 

BricsCAD Shape also offers everything you need to present your designs. It comes with a library of materials, textures and pre-built 3D components. You can use the included collection of doors and windows, or create your own custom versions easily. Make your model look the way you want using the Visual Styles panel in Shape.

How is BricsCAD Shape different from other tools?

First, BricsCAD Shape is CAD-accurate from the start. Under the simple UI is the same fast and proven parametric, 3D direct modeling engine that’s in BricsCAD Platinum. Shape creates solid models, stored in industry-standard DWG – just like BricsCAD® BIM.

Unlike competing products, Shape’s solid models are fully accurate – never approximated. Every element that you create in Shape can be modified deeply, anytime, on the fly. Your concept models open directly in BricsCAD BIM. You’ll never lose time starting over again. Make the smart move – directly from concept to BIM with BricsCAD Shape with no loss of detail.

BricsCAD Shape accelerates your BIM workflow

The Bricsys BIM workflow starts in 3D with Shape, and stays in 3D – speeding 2D construction documentation with the world’s best drafting tools. No breaks or transitions in your workflow, all in DWG, with a friendly, familiar user interface that you’ll appreciate.  It won’t take long for you to be productive in BricsCAD Shape or BricsCAD BIM.

Stop sketching. Start shaping!

Get your free copy of BricsCAD ShapeBricsCAD Shape delivers the tools you need, and none that you don’t. Even the learning materials are clean and simple – check out “30 minutes to Shapeon YouTube.

Don Strimbu

Don is our VP of Communications at Bricsys. He has spent 2/3rds of his life in the CAD industry. Don is a huge fan of (truly usable) technology, high fidelity audio and (really) well-designed machines.


  • hi There,

    is BricsCAD Shape a 30 day Trial or is it FREE ?
    (I can almost afford Free)

    Thank You. I am retired with 30,000 hours of cad experience.
    I need something To play with. This looks so awesome, already.

    The 3d solids modeling is what I have been Looking for.

    can You change the size of a solid model by changing The “dimensions”?

    so much To Learn, & so few gray cells Left To work with.

    I am doing some design work for a non-profit That is building Tiny Homes for our homeless Vets in Phoenix, AZ.

    Take care.

    Randy Sanders

    • Hi Randy,

      Hope you’re enjoying BricsCAD Shape! The product is completely free, so you can use it as much and as long as you want.

      When manipulating your model with the direct modelling tools supplied in Shape (such as bimdrag, extrude, push/pull, etc) you can enter exact dimensions.

      Kind regards.

  • I installed it on a laptop (i7), but it is extremly slow. Even moving the mouse is slow. Drawing is not possible.

  • Like it! Ability to use commands (and give support to novice dwg users) Ditch the horizon by default and make and option in the visual style to switch to 2D. Including a black background. Very good thing we now can work better together with SU boys and girls! Keep up the good work.

  • It looks like a good start but you will need to add pitched roof tools. This would be great for residential design!

    • Hey Mat, we’re working on the Mac version now. No hard date for release, but it will be soonest (we just shipped V18 for OS X this week). As far as Shape file options – you can read .dwg, .dxf and .dwt. You can import .skp. Shape saves as .dwg. -Don

    • Goede dag Harold,
      When you create a new drawing in BricsCAD Shape, you’ll see the Units pull-down at the upper right of the Welcome screen.
      You can choose inches, mm, cm or meters.
      Thanks for trying BricsCAD Shape! -Don

    • It is possible, but at this moment it requires some file editing on disk. To create/edit the materials a paying version of BricsCAD is required as well. The scale of the textures can be altered in the material properties when the dwg of the material is opened in BricsCAD. To add a new material you have to create the corresponding material dwg, thumbnail and texture files. Similar to changing the scale you can also edit other properties of the material in a paying version of BricsCAD.

  • Hello there.
    I’m starting at BricsCAd Shape.
    I need to know, is possible to export to google earth a 3D model?
    Also, is possible to create animations? those with scenes around the model.
    And export as video file?
    Best regards.
    Vicente Figna.

    • In V18 it is not possible to export files to another format, only dwg is available. In the upcoming V19 version export to FBX, STL, DAE, WMF and BMP was added. So a Shape model can be exported to FBX and imported in dedicated render software, such as Blender, where an animation can be created.

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