IRRICAD Link brings irrigation system design to BricsCAD!

Lincoln Agritech Limited, of Christchurch, New Zealand is announcing a major upgrade to IRRICAD – the world’s leading irrigation system design CAD (computer-aided design) software. IRRICAD was once available only as a standalone program. Users asked for more flexibility; both in the ability to choose a CAD platform and in terms of using a single CAD solution. Lincoln Agritech’s response? IRRICAD is now available as an application for BricsCAD! This new product will be available under the brand name IRRICAD Link.

The full power of IRRICAD is now completely integrated with BricsCAD. This combination gives users a greater range of design tools and documentation workflows. IRRICAD Link plus BricsCAD offers users the highest performance possible, to help streamline irrigation designs and deliver more design alternatives in less time. Rapid analysis of complex hydraulic systems is a cornerstone of IRRICAD, with flexible pipe sizing, BOM and costing reports and full integration with irrigation supplier databases.

IRRICAD Link also offers fully customizable menus to meet every user’s needs – individuals and large companies alike. The improved graphics performance of IRRICAD Link plus BricsCAD adds professional presentation graphics capability to help your design proposals stand out from the crowd. You can standardize your company branding through the management of drawing standards in BricsCAD. And with the product running in BricsCAD, you can achieve seamless compatibility with survey drawings, too. This combination gives users the ability to explore and compare multiple design concepts simply. This flexibility helps ensure that your customers get an optimal irrigation system design, faster.

IRRICAD Link is available today

The English version of IRRICAD Link is available today. Lincoln Agritech will release four additional language versions during the worldwide roll-out of the product, throughout 2018. Current customers will have a choice; they can upgrade their current license to IRRICAD Link plus BricsCAD, or they can stay on their existing IRRICAD stand-alone license. Like Bricsys, Lincoln Agritech is all about their users. Find out more today at