私たちの最後にCADマネージャーのコーナー post, we talked about getting your BricsCAD workstations setup, configured and ready to start running production jobs. But before you take BricsCAD into full production some training will be required, and you’ll need to prepare for it. In this post, we’ll examine an approach I like to call “The Proving Ground” to get BricsCAD ready for a full production rollout. Let’s see how. 



To build the proving ground we’ll need a collection of users – test pilots – who are willing to put BricsCAD through real-world production testing and provide feedback to the CAD manager. But more than just being test pilots, these users are also testing our training methods since they’ll be the first people to use training resources like books, standards documents, or videos we provide. The BricsCAD proving ground, therefore, becomes the ideal place for the CAD manager to get new software battle-tested, training plans verified, and build a base of experienced users who can help during implementation. 




  • 新しいソフトウェアを学びたいという強い願望 
  • 問題に直面したときの落ち着き 
  • CADマネージャに問題を明確に伝える能力 
  • 終了するまで続きたいという欲求 

As CAD manager, I find that a few test pilots allow me to locate anything I need to fix quickly and efficiently and – most importantly – without having to support the full production staff. Most CAD managers have a good idea who their test pilots are already, so now is the time to get them excited about BricsCAD. 



実際のBricsCADセットアップを提供します。 Test pilots should receive their BricsCAD fully setup and customized for production work. 

エジェクタシートを維持します。 Should a test pilot experience an unforeseen issue with their BricsCAD keep their old CAD tool available in case they need to go back to it for whatever reason. 

プロジェクトのリスクを最小限に抑えます。 Isolate the proving grounds so you only have a select number of projects using BricsCAD to mitigate your risk. The goal is to prove BricsCAD can work in a real project environment but to restrict its usage to a few well-trained new users on a small number of projects at first. 

本番環境と同じようにすべてを行います。 Set up the proving grounds by installing, customizing, and using BricsCAD exactly as you will in production so you can debug deployments, network settings, and peripherals before rolling BricsCAD out to all users. 

データを収集します。 As test pilots work through their first BricsCAD project have them report any issues, questions, modifications to standards, etc. If your test pilots feel they have a valid issue, then it is certain the general user community will as well. 

必要に応じてトレーニング資料と標準を変更します。 This aspect of the proving ground is essential since anything you fix now will mean a smoother experience for all other users during full implementation. Note: We will cover this topic in greater detail in our next post. 




  • どんな概念を学ぶのが難しかったですか? 
  • どのようにしてこれらの難しい概念を最もよく説明しましたか? 
  • 最も頻繁に発生した問題は何ですか? 
  • どのようなハードウェアまたは構成の問題が発生しましたか? 

When you consider these pieces of information you can draw conclusions on how you’ll train new users, how you’ll administer the software, and what sorts of standards you’ll need to make BricsCAD run best in your environment. So, it turns out the proving grounds aren’t just a place to get the software running, they are also a usability lab that assists you in optimizing the software for training future users. 



試験場が整い、BricsCADがテストパイロットによって使用されているため、他のすべてのCADユーザーから注目を集めることができます。 「このBricsCADソフトウェアとは?」のような質問そして「どうやって試すことができますか?」尋ねられます。 BricsCAD試験場では、ユーザーがBricsCADに興味を持つようになることがわかります。BricsCADは、トレーニングの準備に最適な方法です。したがって、質問に答えて、ユーザーにBricsCADでのショットの準備をさせてください。 

I’ve also observed that when test pilots are viewed as hard-working, sharp, talented users helping the company get ahead with new technology you establish a culture where being a test pilot is a goal. And wouldn’t you rather have all your BricsCAD users strive to be as good as your test pilots already are? Think about how much easier would it be for you to train and implement BricsCAD if everybody had a test pilot mindset?  


I hope my “proving grounds” theory has made you think about how to use in-house test pilots to change the process of implementing BricsCAD. Incidentally, I’ve found proving grounds work just as well for mechanical modeling, BIM, and customization projects. 

In the 次の投稿, we’ll explore how to create training materials and standards in conjunction with the proving ground to arrive at the optimal training experience for new BricsCAD users. 


試しやすく、購入しやすく、所有しやすい。それがBricsCADです。 すべての製品を30日間無料でお試しください www.bricsys.com。選択の自由に加えて、すべての場所ですべての言語で機能する永続的な(永続的な)製品ライセンス。 BricsCADV21製品ファミリーで私たちが構築したものを気に入るはずです。


  1. ネットワークインストールの仕組み-パート1
  2. ネットワークインストールの仕組み-パート2
  3. 簡単な移行のためのLISPの概念
  4. 最大学習のための最小トレーニング-パート1
  5. 最大の学習のための最小トレーニング-パート2
  6. BricsCADの採用への3つのステップ
  7. 実装の準備-パート1
  8. 実装の準備-パート2
  9. 実装の準備–パート3:検証の場
  10. 実装の準備–パート4:トレーニング資料
  11. 実装の準備–パート5:リモートトレーニングのヒント
  12. 実装の準備–パート6:ロールアウトとサポート