Good news for fans of Heidi Hewett’s Journey through BricsCAD: You can now download her first 20 blog posts in one handy e-book: Getting Started with BricsCAD. The easiest way to learn BricsCAD.

“Getting Started with BricsCAD by Heidi Hewett is a fun and easy read that will change your CAD life!” – Ted Rossdale

Heidi Hewett joins Bricsys! learn bricscad
Heidi Hewett joins Bricsys!

Part 1: Inside Bricsys: Heidi Hewett’s First Impressions

Find out what Heidi thought of BricsCAD the first time she saw it. Spoiler alert: she loved it.


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Part 2: Download and install

So first things first: ‘How do I download BricsCAD’? Don’t panic, it’s easy, go through the process step by step. Don’t need the guide? Then head straight over to the download page and download the free 30-day trial and get started with BricsCAD today.


welcomescreen opening BricsCAD learn BricsCAD

Part 3: Welcome to BricsCAD

Get to know the welcome screen. Find out what all the buttons and dialogs mean. There’s also hints on how to access tutorials to get you moving quickly.


User Interface Elements

Part 4: Exploring the Interface

Want to know where everything is, what it does and how to move them around to best fit your working style? Then you’ll be pleased to find that it’s easy to learn BricsCAD, thanks to its familiar working environment. You will be up and running in no time.


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Part 5: Command Access

Take a closer look at familiar methods for launching a command. And, more importantly, get acquainted with a powerful new method available only in BricsCAD! You don’t want to miss this!


BricsCAD Pricing

Part 6: Exploring Trial Levels

Learn how to use trial levels in BricsCAD. Find out how to use the free, 30-day trial to find the version of BricsCAD that’s right for you.


BricsCAD 2D Drafting workspace learn BricsCAD

Part 7: Exploring each Workspace

Now you’ve got the interface down, you might want to delve into a weird and wonderful world of workspaces.


BricsCAD Drawing Entities - Donut

Part 8: Drawing Entities

The part we’ve all been waiting for! Finally, let’s get started with some drawing! Look at 2D commands; lines, rectangles, arcs, circles, polygons, hatches, boundaries, centerlines, etc. etc.


BricsCAD Entity Creation Settings

Part 9: Settings for Drawing Entities

Look at some of the settings that control entities once they are created. Learn how to make BricsCAD’s extensive settings work for you.


Drawing Tables

Part 10: Drawing with Styles

Explore drawing entities that depend on styles: Multilines, Text, Mtext, Dimensions, Multileader, and Tables, just to name a few.


subscription options for BricsCAD learn BricsCAD

Part 11: License Options

Confused as to how BricsCAD licensing works? You won’t be by the end of this article.


Part 12: Working with Blocks

Review familiar methods to define and insert blocks. And, uncover new tools to manage them. If you’re hungry for more then why not learn about the difference between dynamic block and parametric blocks?


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Part 13: Working with References

Learn BricsCAD’s tools for attaching and managing external references.


Layer Preview in Drawing Explorer

Part 14: Working with Layers and Linetypes

Take an exciting tour of the tools to manage layers and linetypes.


Dimension and Circle Quad

Part 15: Editing Entities

BricsCAD offers multiple ways to edit entities. Some of the most common methods are with the Properties panel, grips, and the Quad.


Manipulator Move

Part 16: Entity Manipulation

The manipulation tools let you modify entities in the context of the rest of the drawing. Typical examples include Move, Copy, and Rotate. Plus, get to know the Manipulator.


Window and Crossing selection

Part 17: Selection Methods

Explore selection methods. Be sure and stick around until the end, that’s when it gets really exciting!


Part 18: Drawing Explorer

Delve deeper into Drawing Explorer to see all it has to offer.


BricsCAD settings

Part 19: Settings

Now you’re getting comfortable with BricsCAD, find out how you can use the settings to optimize your BricsCAD learning experience.


3D views and visual styles

Part 20: Classic Edition

Tips to help you get the most from BricsCAD. Plus links to further training documentation.