Joining Multiple Entities in BricsCAD

Joining multiple entities is simple with JOIN

In this short video, BricsCAD expert Ralph Grabowski shows you the power of the JOIN command.  He discusses joining multiple entities, like co-linear lines and concentric arcs, into single objects. Ralph goes into detail with regards to multiple entities with different properties. Which one will “win” the properties “battle” (beware – spoiler! It’s based on how you pick)? He also explores the conditions under which entities of different types can be joined together into one, and the resultant entity types.

This is powerful, especially in drawings that have been imported, or drawings that have been through multiple editing sessions. Depending on technique, there are scenarios where polylines will come in as lines and arcs. You can use the PEDIT command to turns them back into polylines. However, there is a better method when joining multiple entities.

The JOIN command can make two or more lines into a single line, a connected line and arc into a polyline, two or more arcs into a single arc, and even convert a line and a helix into a spline. JOIN is another great tool in your CAD toolbox, and Ralph shows you how to make it work for you – on your command.

For more how-to videos from Ralph and other BricsCAD experts, visit the Bricsys Blog’s tutorial section.

Ralph Grabowski

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