BricsCAD V17 brings the power of Building Information Modeling to the .dwg world to the Linux platform.  The BricsCAD team works hard to deliver the software on all three main operating systems. Today, BricsCAD runs on Windows, Mac OS and Linux and provides an almost identical feature set across all platforms.

BricsCAD V17 supports 2D Drafting, 3D Modeling, Sheet Metal Design, and Building Information Modeling. It is unique as the only CAD system in the world to base all these design functions on the industry-standard .dwg file format.

About the Linux features

BricsCAD for Linux is a complete BricsCAD version, with a full set of features. As a rule of thumb, BricsCAD for Linux has the same set of features as BricsCAD for Mac. A few Windows specific features will not become available on Linux or Mac, for instance the COM API. See the BricsCAD comparison sheet for more information about the features.


Pricing of BricsCAD V17 starts at just €450/$550 for the Classic edition. Existing users can now use BricsCAD V17 for Linux by upgrading their license key for €245/$265 or for free if you have the All-In Program.

New users can use the trial to see what BricsCAD for Linux is all about. The free download provides a 30-day trial of all functions of the Platinum edition.

Download here the 30 day trial