For some people, lineweights can seem a little tricky, but in BricsCAD it’s really very simple to edit and manipulate lineweight.

Left: Drawing with lineweight not displayed. Right: Drawing with linewieght displayed.

How to display lineweights in a drawing in BricsCAD

You can find the control to toggle lineweight display on and off in the bottom-right corner of the BricsCAD interface labeled “LWT”. Simply click the letters LWT to toggle it on and off.

Line weight display on and off
Click the letter LWT to turn the lineweight view on and off

How to change an entity lineweight in BricsCAD

You can change an entity lineweight using the Properties panel, simply select the entity/entities and then choose the new lineweight from the drop-down menu.line weights in the properties panelAlternatively, you can set all entities to a lineweight by layer.

How to set lineweight by layer

  1. Ensure that all entities are on the correct layer and that lineweight (in the Properties panel) is set to “By layer”.
  2. Ensure that lineweight display is “on”.
  3. Open the layers panel and choose your preferred lineweight from the drop-down menu. All entities on that layer should now display with the new line weight.

linewieght by layer

How to set the lineweight for future entities

You have three options to set the line weight for future entities:

  1. Use the properties panel. First, make sure that nothing is selected. Then select the preferred lineweight from the drop-down menu. All future entities will be drawn with this lineweight until otherwise specified.
  2. Alternatively, you can set the lineweight for future entities using the settings dialog. Use the “Entity Lineweight” setting.
  3. To change the default lineweight for BricsCAD use the “Default Lineweight” setting.
    The fastest way to get there is to simply type “LWeight” into the Command line.lineweight settings bricscad

Note: The option “Lineweight Display Scale” only affects model space.

Customizing Linetypes

Now you’ve got the hang of linewieghts, you might want to start playng with linetypes. Head over to our Customizing BricsCAD blog post on linetypes to learn more.

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