In our last CAD vadybininkų kampelis, we talked about how a company considering moving to BricsCAD could use a stepwise approach towards adoption. Those three stepsfinancial analysis, user familiarity, and demonstrating  ease of useare an excellent way to start the process. But now let’s go a little deeper into the process and consider the technical steps a company would need to take to prepare for BricsCAD implementation. 

Pirma: pagalvokite apie visą CAD ekosistemą

What do I mean by an ecosystemThe CAD ecosystem is comprised of users, programs, customizations, workstations, networks, peripherals, and software drivers all of which must be configured. I find it easiest to think about it this way: 

  • Vartotojas vykdo programą 
  • Paprastai programa pritaikoma 
  • Programa veikia darbo vietoje 
  • Darbo vieta prieigą prie failų teikia per tinklą 
  • Darbo vietos išvestis į periferinius įrenginius / tvarkykles 

Šis sąrašas yra labai naudingas, nes pabrėžia būtent tai, apie ką reikia galvoti pradedant perkėlimą į BricsCAD. 

Vartotojai: pirmas, bet paskutinis

Obviously, no software is ever going to work well if users don’t know how to operate it, right? Therefore, mokymai naudotis BricsCAD will be required but that part of the migration comes last since everything else must be prepared and configured for the user to begin their BricsCAD usage. 

Whilst it is useful to expose some of your power users to BricsCAD early in the process, it is counterproductive to start training the masses until the remainder of the BricsCAD ecosystem is in place. So, we’ll put the user training on hold for now and shift our focus to the other items on the list. 

Programinės įrangos pritaikymas: sudarykite atsargas

Do you have customized programs, template files, block libraries, menus, or other components that your users are already familiar with? If taip then users will expect to see something very similar in BricsCAD. 

Geros žinios yra tai, kad BricsCAD palaiko pramonės standartinius failų tipus, tokius kaip LSP, DWT, DWG, CUI ir XTP atitinkamai „Lisp“, šablonams, blokams, meniu ir įrankių paletėms.

Chances are excellent that your existing customizations will be migratable into BricsCAD with little to no effort, but you must know where all the customized files for your old system are in order galėtų migrate them. 

Veiksmo elementas: Take inventory of all customized content you wish to migrate to BricsCAD. 

Darbo vietos: Tikriausiai viskas gerai

Next on the ecosystem list is the workstation you use to run your CAD program. My experience has been that BricsCAD is a very compact and memory-efficient program with modest graphics demands. BricsCAD runs at least as well as any other CAD program, often better in fact, on the same hardware you’re already using. 

Veiksmo elementas: None. 

Tinklas: sudarykite kelių / akcijų inventorių

BricsCAD, like any CAD program, is constantly accessing a variety of files to do its job and it is likely that most of those files are coming from a network location. Whether the locations are UNC paths or shared drive letters, your current CAD program is already configured to point to the right places, and getting BricsCAD configured will be essentially the same. 

Veiksmo elementas: Take inventory of all UNC paths, shared drive letters, and folders BricsCAD will need to access, so that configuration will go smoothly when the time comes. 

Network file paths will replace C drive paths in BricsCAD SETTINGS command. 

Išoriniai įrenginiai / tvarkyklės: žinokite savo išėjimus

As project work is done, it is a given that outputs like prints, plots, and PDF files will need to be created. BricsCAD can support virtually any print device you’re using with your current CAD system, so printing and plotting is not an issue. BricsCAD includes its own PDF generating driver but can also support other commercial PDF writers from companies like Adobe or Bluebeam. 

„SaveAs“ formatai

Veiksmo elementai:No action item needed. Just to be sure you can always parsisiųsti the free 30day BricsCAD trialversija ir išbandykite spausdintuvus, braižytuvus ir tvarkykles. 

Formatai, kuriuos galima atidaryti tiesiogiai BricsCAD.

Modelio failai: žinokite savo formatus

Of course, all the work users do means nothing if they can’t save it to the desired format. Since BricsCAD supports all versions of .dwg from 2018 back to 2000, you should be fine if .dwg is your deliverable format. But CAD data isn’t just about .dwg so BricsCAD ability to open and save to other file formats like .dgn, and BIM standard .ifc mean that BricsCAD can fit into workflows that you wouldn’t normally associate with being .dwg centric 

Export Formats.

Veiksmo elementai: No action items are needed since BricsCAD supports major industry formats directly, but knowing what output formats you need to provide to your clients and what sorts of data you’ll need to import is always a good idea. 


Now that you’ve completed an inventory of your current CAD system, you’re ready to give BricsCAD a try. Just complete the recommended action items above, download BricsCAD, and see how simple it is to get started. Check back once you’re done for 2 dalis. 

Pasiruošę išbandyti BricsCAD?

Lengva išbandyti, lengva nusipirkti, lengva turėti. Tai yra BricsCAD. Išbandykite visus mūsų produktus nemokamai 30 dienų Freedom of choice, plus perpetual (permanent) product licenses that work with all languages, in all places. You’ll love what we’ve built for you with the BricsCAD V21 product family.

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