BricsCAD V19 enables you to draw and edit more accurately with less keyboard entry. It automatically applies a grid snap that dynamically adapts to the current zoom level.

You typically zoom based on the level of detail and accuracy you need. If, for example, you are zoomed out to draw a circle, you probably don’t need, or want, the radius of that circle to be fractions of a unit. But, if you’re zoomed in close as you draw the circle, those fractional values or digits beyond the decimal point are likely important.

Drawing with Adaptive Grid Snap

Imagine, for example, that you draw a circle by picking points for its center and radius. Prior to BricsCAD V19, the center coordinates of that circle, displayed to 8 decimal places, might be 62.65231413, 58.47925856, 0. Drawing that same circle in BricsCAD V19, might be 62.00000000, 58.00000000, 0. As you zoom in or out, the snap increments get smaller or larger. This happens automatically, enabling you to easily pick and draw precise geometry without having to enter values. If you zoom in closer to draw, it might allow increments of .5, or .1 or .01. The same concise increments apply when you pick distances such as the radius of the circle.

If you view the entity’s properties, you can see it’s drawn with precise values. No crazy values extending far beyond the decimal.

Adaptive Grid Snap - Cirle Properties

Editing with Adaptive Grid Snap

Adaptive grid snap isn’t limited to drawing new geometry. It also supports editing geometry with grips, nudge (arrow keys), and the Manipulator.
You can easily move selected entities in small increments along the X, Y, or Z axis using the keyboard. Simply select the entities and press the Ctrl and arrow keys to nudge them up, down, left or right.

Adaptive Snap Grid - Nudge keys

The step size of each keystroke adapts to your zoom level. The closer you zoom into the drawing, the smaller the nudge increments. In the image below, the sofa moved 10 units per keystroke when zoomed out and only 4 units when zoomed in.

Adaptive Grid Snap - Nudge increments

Modeling with Adaptive Grid Snap

The same adaptive snap functionality works for 3D modeling as well. It supports dynamic UCS enabling you to easily pick concise points when creating and editing 3D models.
Similar nudge behavior allows you to move along the Z axis by pressing Shift and up/down arrow keys.

Adaptive Grid Snap - Shift key

Adaptive Grid Snap - Nudge in Z

In addition to nudging selected entities, you can select and nudge solid edges and faces. Intuitively change the shape of the solid without even launching a command!

Adaptive Grid Snap - Nudge solid edges and faces

Adaptive grid snap is on by default (SNAPTYPE = 2).

See this powerful new functionality in action during this live demonstration at the Bricsys 2018 conference.

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