The Manipulator tool in BricsCAD v19 offers more flexibility and power than ever before. It includes a ruler and protractor, additional options and it’s supported by more commands.

Manipulator Ruler and Protractor

The new ruler and protractor enable you to quickly modify entities using concise values without having to enter them from the keyboard.

The ruler automatically displays on the manipulator when you select a move axis. Its increment size dynamically adapts to the zoom level.

Manipulator ruler

The protractor automatically displays on the manipulator when you select the rotate axis. Its alternating shaded wedges provide visual indicators at 45 degree increments. If you move the cursor inside the protractor, the snap angle is limited to the 45 degree increments. However, if you move the cursor outside the protractor, you’re free to rotate at any angle.

Manipulator protractor

Manipulator Copy and Repeat

New options for the Manipulator allow you to easily copy or repeat entities during move or rotate operations. Simply enter C to copy. Then, you can continue copying entities at varying distances or angles.

Manipulator Copy

If you want to create multiple copies at consistent increments, enter R for Repeat instead of C. After placing the first copy, simply drag the cursor to continue placing additional copies with the same spacing. You can enter the Copy or Repeat options at any time during the move or rotate operations.

Manipulator repeat

See this powerful new functionality in action during this live demonstration at the Bricsys 2018 conference.

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