BricsCAD v19 includes tangent and perpendicular indicators. They enable you to easily apply tangency or perpendicularity to existing geometry by editing, rather than redrawing, entities. To take advantage of this functionality, you must enable the Tangent and/or Perpendicular entity snaps.

Tangent Indicators

When you edit an arc using the midpoint grip, the tangent indicator displays as the arc approaches tangency with coincident entities. The endpoints of the arc can be anywhere along the coincident geometry. If you pick when the indicator displays, the arc snaps to tangency with the coincident entity.

Tangent Indicators editing an arc

Take advantage of the same functionality when you move an arc or circle using its center grip. Move it tangent anywhere along an entity or tangent between two entities.

Tangent indicators on a circle

Perpendicular Indicators

When you grip-edit an entity that has an endpoint coincident with other geometry, a perpendicular indicator displays as the entity approaches perpendicularity with the coincident geometry. The endpoint can be anywhere along the coincident geometry. If you pick when the indicator displays, the entity snaps to perpendicularity with the coincident geometry.

Perpendicular Indicators on linear segments

Perpendicular snapping works with both linear and curved entities.

Perpendicular Indicators on curved segments

See this powerful new functionality in action during this live demonstration at the Bricsys 2018 conference.

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