New Sheet Metal functions in BricsCAD V16

This video gives an overview of the new Sheet Metal functions in BricsCAD V16. In BricsCAD V16, the sheet metal functions are part of an optional add-on that is licensed separately.

Lofted bends (New)

BricsCAD creates sheet metal parts with lofted surfaces. In addition, it creates smooth transitions between two profiles, such as between lines, arcs, circles, rectangles, polylines, and splines. Imported sheet metal parts with lofted bends can be edited and unfolded.

Feature Coloring (New)

BricsCAD colors the faces of sheet metal bodies by painting features in different colors: flanges, bends, junctions, and reliefs. This validates visually the correctness of your sheet metal designs.

Batch Processing (New)

Batch processes of large numbers of sheet metal parts and assemblies can be automated using a dedicated LISP API. This automation feature accomplishes tasks, such as producing families of sheet metal parts of different sizes. Example LISP scripts are included with BricsCAD.

Additional Junctions and Reliefs & Additional CAM systems

BricsCAD V16 offers sheet metal designers a new type of junction — full overlap — and two new corner reliefs, V-type and circular.

BricsCAD already exports sheet metal parts in .dxf or .osm formats for prepping for CNC programming by JETCAM and LVD systems. BricsCAD also generates .dxf files for CAM systems by CYBELEC and DELEM.

Hannes L.

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