Paper Space Layouts in BricsCAD

Creating Paper Space Layouts in BricsCAD

Why use paper space? Here’s the #1 Rule of CAD: all geometry gets created at full (1:1) scale. You draw in model space (MSPACE), and you can use the VPORTS command to create different views of your drawing / model on the screen. This is a great strategy when you’re creating a drawing. It’s not so easy when you need to fit your finished drawings into a standard sized title block.  Yes, it is possible to create a drawing in model space and make it fit on a printed page. But why? Using paper space (PSPACE) is the correct way to create accurate, reusable drawing layouts!

Creating drawing sheet layouts is super easy in paper space. In this short video by CAD expert Ralph Grabowski, you’ll get started creating layouts that update automatically as your model geometry changes. This alone is a huge reason to use PSPACE. Think of a layout as a scale-able, zoom-able set of windows (“viewports”) that help you see your model from different points in space. You can control the view, the scale, the orientation and the properties of each viewport in a layout.

Ralph’s video starts simply, helping you create and move viewports in a new layout tab. Next, you’ll see how to change what you see in each new viewport. Then, he’ll show you how you can modify, scale or change the properties of each individual viewport in a layout tab. You’ll use visual styles to change the way that your drawing is displayed in each PSPACE viewport.

Then, he will show you how to non-rectangular and clipped viewports, how to turn any closed entity into a viewport border and how to hide viewport boundaries using LAYERs.

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Don Strimbu

Don is our VP of Communications at Bricsys. He has spent 2/3rds of his life in the CAD industry. Don is a huge fan of (truly usable) technology, high fidelity audio and (really) well-designed machines.


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