Car Park Design on BricsCAD has never been easier as ParkCAD is now fully compatible with BricsCAD. BricsCAD users can now use the advanced features and included parking standards in ParkCAD™ to design multiple parking sites in minutes.

The CAD software for parking design projects of any size! – Transoft Solutions Inc.

ParkCAD™ is now available for BricsCAD

ParkCAD by Transoft Solutions is the industry’s foremost CAD application for designing, checking, and editing all types of parking layouts in only minutes. Just select a defined area, and with a click of your mouse, automatically create parking lots that conform to your unique design criteria using a set of powerful design tools.

Along with enhanced parking object editing and reporting features, and supplied parking standards guidelines, you can quickly test different parking site configurations to find the ideal layout.

Park your costs

By generating your parking layouts in a matter of minutes, not hours, you’re able to get on with your important design work faster instead of using up valuable time on redoing parking arrangements.

Design with confidence

Take the worry out of your parking designs. ParkCAD’s intelligent functions allow you to keep the integrity of your design dimensions and alerts against creating parking sites that compromise predefined standards.

Boost efficiency

Fast, on-the-fly changes to different parking lot elements can be performed simply using ParkCAD. Create and edit different parking design arrangements with powerful features that optimize valuable parking space.

Do much more

Parking components and reports are kept and dynamically updated throughout the life of the project. This means ParkCAD can be used from the initial planning stage right through to the final design-build phase.

Try the demo today and see why ParkCAD, with its intelligent algorithms, leaves the competition behind.