Scaffolding design, simplified

When you design scaffolds in 2D, it’s a laborious process at best. Scaffolds must conform to the building while safely supporting people and equipment loads. Often the scaffolding itself is a complex 3D entity; a mesh of transoms, planks, diagonals and brackets. The dynamics can be even more elaborate in complex environments, e.g. industrial oil and gas plants or ship maintenance.

When the design process for these critical works are performed in 2D, you can imagine that the potential for interference and fit-up errors at the construction site is high. While the engineers are walking around, scratching their heads, your crew is standing around. They are on the clock. They can’t work until it’s fixed, because assembly issues mean that you can’t ensure worker safety.

Does any of this sound familiar? The development team from MEC CAD has a solution for you.

PON CAD streamlines scaffolding design and project management

Imagine a workflow where a model of the building serves as the guide for scaffold design.

This workflow exists today in MEC CAD’s PON CAD – a full 3D scaffolding system that runs inside of BricsCAD. With PON CAD, you can design and manage scaffolding, show biz stages, stands and roofing in an incredibly effective way.

PON CAD automates the creation of 3D assembly views and all required technical drawings. Working in 3D allows design professionals to plan the scaffolding assembly process. Also, working in 3D creates comprehensive part / item lists to assist in cost estimation. Finally, working in 3D allows designers to consider worker safety in every phase of scaffolding design and assembly.

Furthermore, with a full 3D model of your scaffolding design, it’s easy to create realistic renderings for client presentations. But the best part is here: PON CAD works today with BricsCAD BIM, the leader in .dwg-based BIM software!  You have the best of both worlds with PON CAD: you can create 3D scaffolding from 2D drawings, or directly from 3D BIM models.

PON CAD with BricsCAD BIM represents the ultimate innovation tool for scaffolding design!

Bricsys and our developers – working together for you

At Bricsys, we’re focused 24/7 on creating the world’s best .dwg-based CAD system. However, we realize that CAD alone doesn’t get your work done. We know that you need application products that enable the workflows that you use each day. We support industry experts (like the team at MEC CAD) through the Bricsys developer community. This support allows them to build these best-in-class applications, while we focus on the CAD platform.

You can find out more about the hundreds of application products that are made with BricsCAD here on the Bricsys App Store. Simply spend a few minutes there and you’ll begin to appreciate the true power of BricsCAD and Native .dwg.