This Tool is for Designing, Planning, Operation, Maintenance, Loss Reduction and Inventories in distribution networks systems, it is mostly used by utilities and consultants who work in Electric Power Distribution Systems. It analyzes the medium voltage, Low voltage and Customers systems under integrated and common software.

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This software takes the electric data directly from distribution networks maps in Autocad and analyzes them (running a load flow analysis), placing the results directly on maps automatically and interactively.

Power Distribution Networks Program (PADEE 2016) software uses BRICSCAD (Front – End, over Windows Vista, WIN 7, WIN 8 or Win 10) to perform load flow calculations, analysis on electric distribution networks. It is also an information system to support works and Customer location and behavior. It uses CAD – CAE (Computer Aid Design) – (Computer Aid Engineering) and GIS (Geographic Information System), technology so all activities are carried out graphically, inside the street and electric feeder map in BRICSCAD.

Inputs for calculations are taken automatically and the output is presented over the map, with color graphics or signs that highlight the most relevant aspects of the analysis. The detailed results can be printed out.

This software make load flow calculations in medium and low voltages systems, and link customers directly to medium voltage substation, so customers can be located geographically and traced up to theirs feeder’s or substation’s in forward or backward queries.