Forget pumpkin carving, get pumpkin CADing with this simple Halloween CAD tutorial? No knife required!

The Body

  1. Begin by importing a sketch. Use Attach Raster Image (IMAGEATTACH).
  2. Next, trace the outline either using POLYLINE or SPLINE. You only need to trace half the pumpkin.
  3. HIDE or ERASE the image. You no longer need this.
  4. OFFSET the edge.
  5. EXTEND the edges to the centerline.
  6. Draw a LINE connecting the ends.
  7. Use JOIN to create to closed shapes (red and blue).
  8. Use the Manipulator to lift the inner shape up slightly.
    Note: You can learn more about manipulating entities on Heidi’s blog.
  9. Rotate.
  10. Mirror.
  11. LOFT between the shapes.
    Note: you might need to convert the spline to a polyline. Read more about polylines and pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial
  12. Use ARRAYPOLAR to repeat the shape.
    That’s looking pretty good, but now I want to tweak the shape so everything overlaps properly.array polar pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial
  13. Hover over the array and hold Ctrl adjust the array.
    Alternatively, use the Properties Panel to adjust the array.array polar pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial
  14. EXPLODE the array.explode pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial
  15. Use UNION to join the solids. This completes the “body” of the pumpkin.

The Stalk

  1. Draw a POLYGON.polygon pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial
  2. COPY the shape
  3. Use ALIGN to move the copied shape into position. pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial
  4. LOFT between the two shapes. This time use the option “Guides”. The loft will now distort along the curve.
    Hint: the simpler the guide curve the better the guided sweep pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial

The Carving

  1. Create a CYLINDER inside the body.cylinder pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial
  2. FILLET the edges.fillet pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial
  3. SUBTRACT the solid from the body.
  4. EXTRUDE the face using the “Subtract” mode. pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial

Finishing up

As a finishing touch, add some materials and lighting to the design.render BricsCAD pumpkin halloween CAD tutorial

render BricsCAD halloween pumkin CAD tutorial

Follow this Halloween CAD tutorial

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