Experience the Quad Cursor in BricsCAD

The best UI enhancement ever – the BricsCAD Quad cursor!

Imagine an entire command system located directly on your mouse cursor. No need to dream it – we’re talking about the BricsCAD Quad cursor!  There’s no easier way to select commands in any CAD system. Move your cursor across the screen, and the Quad detects the entity underneath the cursor. Based on this, the Quad presents commands that work on the entities you select, saving you time and effort. You can execute an entire range of commands with a single click from the Quad-based command palette.

Ralph Grabowski’s short video tutorial shows you how to use the Quad to place hatch patterns with a single click, and how to edit that hatch pattern with a double-click. He also shows you how to place dimensions and dimensional constraints on entities with a single click of a Quad icon. Finally, the single-click command concept applies to offset entities; and just about any other command that you can imagine. With the Quad, you can execute complex commands that normally require several clicks, options, and dialog boxes – simply and easily.

A lot more to the Quad cursor…

There’s a lot more to the Quad cursor in BricsCAD, but the first step is just to turn it on – in BricsCAD, go down to the status bar in the lower-right corner of your screen and click “QUAD”. Then go up and hover over some on-screen entities. “Bingo!”, as Ralph says. If you right-click the “QUAD” box on the status bar, you’ll get direct access to the Quad’s Settings and Properties. You can find out more about the Quad cursor here in the BricsCAD on-line documentation.

Once you have basic operations under control, you might want to customize your Quad cursor. Just move your cursor over any toolbar, right-click and select “Customize”. More information about how to customize is in the help link above – just scroll down to “Customizing the Quad”.


Ralph Grabowski

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