Very soon you will see the first post in a series I’m writing for the Bricsys blog called Real World BricsCAD.  This will feature stories from real people and companies using BricsCAD, but that’s not the only reason for the title. The inclusion of Real World in the title has reasons:


The posts in this series aren’t going to be your average corporate-waffle puff-pieces. I mean, who reads those things anyway? Expect to read the sort of honest accounts you won’t find on most corporate blogs. I won’t be asking, “Tell me about how BricsCAD has transformed your life for the better”, but I will be asking things like, “What has the support been like?”, “What problems have you experienced?”, “How much training did your AutoCAD users need before they were productive?” and so on. To make this worth reading, I’ll be asking about the sort of thing you need to know about before taking the plunge, not the sort of thing some PR person thinks will be good for their corporate image.


I intend to write stories about BricsCAD users around the globe, and who have as wide a range of uses as possible. I’ll be seeking out people who have used BricsCAD for short and long periods; those who have always used it and those who have converted from OtherCAD; those using it for simple and complex work; 2D and 3D; users in as many different disciplines as possible; people with and without third party applications; out-of-the-box users and those with extensive in-house custom environments.

I have several stories in the pipeline already, but would like even more. If you are willing to be featured in this series, I would love to hear from you. Please contact me using this form and I will be in touch.