I’m sure that most of you are aware of the Scale command by now, but did you know that you can scale objects to a reference point? This can be really hand when resizing entities on a drawing.

How to scale an entity by reference in BricsCAD

To scale an entity by reference, use the “reference” (r) option of the Scale command. This option scales entities relative to other entities or by value.

scale to reference

How to scale an entity by a reference in BricsCAD

  1. Start the Scale command (SC).
  2. Select the entities to scale
  3. Select a base point
  4. Enter “r”.
  5. Select the first and second reference point, or enter a value for the length.

This command normally scales from a base factor of 1.

Did you know?

You can also use the Manipulator to scale entities in BricsCAD.

Scaling an entity with the Manipulator

First, change the arrowhead behavior to Scale. Then use the arrowheads to scale the selected entities from the Manipulator basepoint. Hit R to scale to a reference.

How to change the Manipulator arrowhead behavior:

  1. Hover over the arrowhead and right-click. This will open the right-click menu.
  2. Change  ‘Arrowhead acts as’ – ‘3D mirror’ to ‘Arrowhead acts as’ – ‘3D Scale’.

right click menu manipulator

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