BricsCAD Shape basics: Create layouts

4 Layouts in BricsCAD Shape

You will use the Shape tool. Select your start point, move the cursor to the next point and left-click again. Shape automatically creates wall connections. Press the enter key or right-click once to accept.

You can move your cursor to set the wall height, or simply type in a new height. Then, you can press the TAB key to change the width, or just right-click to accept the default value.

You can also use an existing 2D plan to start your layout. Use the Shape tool. Press E, for “Entity” and select the outside border. Move up to set the height, type in a value, or right-click to accept the default value. You can press the CTRL key to cycle through the wall justification options: left, center or right.

Finally, let’s use the Shape tool with the “E” option to finish the interior walls.


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