BricsCAD Shape basics: Create a roof

23 Create a roof

Need a gable style roof? It’s easy with BricsCAD Shape. Using the Shape tool we will create a pitched roof slab.

Align the drawing plane to the wall surface, by pressing SHIFT while hovering over the wall surface. You can change the alignment of the slab by pressing the CTRL key. To fix the angle, press TAB and enter a value. Press enter to accept. To change the slab profile thickness, press the TAB key.

Let’s repeat the process for the roof profile on the other side. To have the slabs join at the top of the roof, select both elements and select the CONNECT tool from the quad. Use the CTRL key to cycle through the available connection options. Using “BIM drag” you can extend the slabs to have the appropriate length.

Now that the roof creation is completed, let’s extend the walls to reach the roof. Highlight the top face of one wall, then from the quad, click the “select aligned faces” tool. Next, select “connect with nearest”. To view the inside of the house, hide the roof slabs.


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