BricsCAD Shape basics: Drag

10 Drag in BricsCAD Shape

Drag is a smart direct modelling tool with many uses. Drag lets you change the height and width of walls easily. The TOOLTIP appears to remind you that you have options… Pressing the CTRL key connects the wall’s selected face to the nearest model element.

Next, select a major wall face, and Drag’s default behavior lets you move the wall. Press the CTRL key, and you can change the overall depth of the wall. When pressed TWICE,  you’ll create a copy of the wall. You can create additional copies by pressing the “R” key.

When multiple walls are connected, the power of Drag increases. The CTRL key allows moves, width changes and copies, and the TOOLTIP appears to remind you of these options.

As your model evolves, Drag gets smarter. Here, the only valid Drag option is “copy”, and this becomes the default behavior.


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