BricsCAD Shape basics: Extrude tool

12 Extrude

The EXTRUDE tool creates 3D elements from 2D line work.

You can EXTRUDE a selected boundary, for example, to create a floor slab between existing walls.

EXTRUDE can subtract geometry, also. Note the TOOLTIP that appears, reminding you of the CTRL key options for the tool.

Pressing the CTRL key cycles through all of the available EXTRUDE options.


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Hannes L.


  • I find that attempting to extrude curved features, such as a semicircle, result in a ‘polygonal approximation’ of the curve. This is fine-I appreciate it’s standard to most 3d programs that work with solids. But is there any way to adjust the polygon count? Working with a curve that has been reduced to just 4 polygons is quite frustrating!

    I’ve tried ‘regenall’ and setting viewres to 20000 with no luck.

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