BricsCAD Shape basics: Work with layers

18 Layers in BricsCAD Shape

Using layers to group model elements is a time-tested way to organize 3D models.

Open the Layer panel by left-clicking the “stacked sheets” icon. It is located on the vertical toolbar, on the right-hand edge of your screen. Turn layers on and off in the Layer Panel. Do this by moving the cursor over the lightbulb icon to the right of each layer name, and left-clicking the mouse.

Toggling layers is a simple way to isolate model elements, to help with navigation and viewing. You can create a new layer by left-clicking the green “plus sign” at the top of the layer panel.
The current layer is indicated by the blue dot, shown in the column to the left of the layer names. To change the current layer, just left-click in that column. To change the layer of a model element, hover over the element, move the cursor onto the Rollover Tip, and click the desired new layer name in the “Layer” pull-down list.

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