BricsCAD Shape basics: The Manipulator

13 Manipulator tool in BricsCAD Shape

The manipulator is a visual tool that rotates, moves, or mirrors solid elements, around or along a single axis.

Press and hold the CTRL key, move the cursor to the element of choice and left-click. By holding down the left mouse button slightly longer, the manipulator should appear. Move the cursor onto one of the three manipulator arcs and left-click to rotate your solid. Then, move the cursor onto one of the three axis shafts and left-click for a constrained move along that axis.

To move your selection in 2D, constrained to a plane, left-click one of the three white plane indicators.

To mirror your selected solid, left-click one of the blue axis arrows.

Precise manipulation is always available through the manipulator’s dynamic dimensions. You can rotate and re-locate the manipulator on the selected solid by left-clicking on the white orientation dots.


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