BricsCAD Shape basics: Sections

20 Sections

You can use Sections to cut through your model dynamically. A Section can be created by opening the Quad and left-clicking ‘define section’, found under the Model tab.

Then, selecting any solid face in your model will create the Section, parallel to the selected solid face. If you don’t choose a surface to attach the Section, a horizontal Section plane will be created.

A Section can be toggled on and off by double-left-clicking its handle, or by highlighting the Section plane and using ‘Clip Display’ from the Quad. A Section element has three grip edit points. Selecting the Section’s handle turns the grips on for editing.

You can move the start and end grips to change the orientation and width of the Section. You can move the midpoint grip to reposition the section plane. If you left-click the arrow displayed near the midpoint grip, you will flip the clipping direction of the Section.


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