BricsCAD Shape: Select elements

5 How to select elements

Model elements in BricsCAD Shape are solids. They are made up of edges and faces. You can select faces by moving your cursor over the face and left-clicking your mouse. Press the ESC key to clear your selection.

You can select edges by moving your cursor over the edge. Then press & hold CTRL and left-click your mouse.To select an entire solid, move the cursor over any face of the solid, press & hold CTRL and left-click your mouse.

To select multiple faces, just left-click them, one-by-one. To select multiple edges or multiple solids, press & hold CTRL and left-click them, one-by-one.

Sometimes, the element or elements you want to select are hidden behind others. To select hidden elements, press the TAB key while hovering over the element. Each time you press TAB, you’ll cycle to the next element underneath the cursor.

When the element you want is highlighted, just left-click to select it.


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