BricsCAD Shape basics: Structural profiles

22 Structural profiles

BricsCAD Shape offers standard structural steel profiles to speed the creation of structural elements. Included are American, British and European standards. Use the Profile tool to create a beam or a column.

Select the start point of the column. Move the cursor to the next point and left-click, or type in a value and press Enter. Continue to create elements, or press enter when you’re done.

You can change the profile using the Profile panel. Open the profile panel by left-clicking the “profile” icon. It is located on the vertical toolbar, on the right-hand edge of your screen.

Select a standard and choose a profile. You can also search for specific profiles. To select a profile, hover over profile you want, then click and hold the left mouse button. Drag the profile into the beam or column and release the left mouse button. To connect elements, select them, raise the quad and use the Connect tool, found on the Model tab. You can toggle between different connection types by pressing the CTRL key.

You can also create your own profiles from scratch.

We’ll draw a square, and offset it a given distance to create the new profile shape. To change the profile of an existing beam, select the beam and use “apply profile” from the quad. Select the new profile. The beam shape updates. Press enter to apply the change.

Left-click to place the component, or use Dynamic Dimensions to precisely position it. You can enter a precise value for a distance, or press TAB to go to the next value. Press enter to accept the final position.


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Hannes L.


    • Hi Ian – AUS standard shapes will be in the next release. No hard timeline to share today, but they will be in Shape and in BricsCAD / BricsCAD BIM. Thanks for trying Shape!

    • Hi Ian – that happened faster than I thought. Australian Standard Steel Profiles are BricsCAD BIM V18.2 today. They’ll be in the next release of Shape. We’re pedaling as fast as we can here. 🙂

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