BricsCAD Shape basics: Windows & Doors

15 Windows and doors

BricsCAD Shape includes a collection of doors and windows in the components library.

Open the components library by left-clicking the “hot-air balloon” icon. It is located on the vertical toolbar, on the right-hand edge of your screen.

Select “Doors” from the pull-down list box.

To select a door from the panel, hover the cursor over the door that you want to insert, then click and hold the left-mouse button.

Drag the door onto a wall.

When releasing the left mouse button, you will be able to position the window in the wall precisely using Dynamic Dimensions. You can enter a precise value for a distance, or press TAB to go to the next value.

The TOOLTIP at the bottom of your screen reminds you of your options. Press CTRL to toggle between door positioning and door size. Enter the desired values for the height and width of the door by pressing the TAB key. When you’re done sizing and placing the door, press the ENTER key.

This is the same for a window. Change “Doors” to “Window” in the pull-down list box. Drag a window into the wall. You can change the size and location of a window just as you did with the door.


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