Everybody has a BricsCAD story to tell

Is there any chance that your story is a great BricsCAD story? Has BricsCAD changed your workflow, your business… or even your life? We are looking for smart, passionate people who want to inspire and delight others with their BricsCAD story – and we want them to look good on stage, too.

Join us at Bricsys 2017, on the main stage, in Paris on 25 October. We want you to tell your story to everyone at the conference, and talk about what BricsCAD means to your success. Speakers get free admission to the conference and are provided with transportation, accommodations, and some meals.

Share your knowledge and experience with the global BricsCAD team. Apply now to speak at the Bricsys 2017 Conference. Tell us who you are, what you do and how BricsCAD changed your life. We’ve already selected one of our story tellers for the Paris event – will you be the next?

Submissions will close on Friday 15 September 2017 at midnight GMT. Speakers will be notified by noon GMT on 25 September 2017.