Here at Bricsys, we’re super excited about BIM and as 2018 was seemingly the year of skyscrapers. I thought I’d wrap the year up by taking a look back at some of the most spectacular Skyscrapers of 2018.


China has the busiest year for skyscrapers in 2018, building more than anyone else: 88 out of a total of 143 globally.

Nothing says excess like a 107-meter artificial waterfall! Even if it does run on recycled rainwater. The Lieban Building in Guiyang might have been completed in  2016, but in July of this year a $117 an hour artificial waterfall attraction was added to the already iconic, 121m building. The attraction is so excessive it is only turned on during special occasions. On sunny days it leaves a rainbow at the foot of the skyscraper.

The tallest of building this year was also build in China: the 108 floored Citic Tower, Beijing at 528 meters (1,732ft) height, that’s about 11.5 statues of liberty. It’s unique curved design and name was inspired by a Chinese wine vessel known as a Zun, and boy are those curves sexy.

The Twisted Tower

BricsCAD BIM Spiral tower
BricsCAD BIM Spiral tower

This year at Bricsys 2018, we demonstrated how to make a twisted tower, in BIM. Over in Milan the Generali Tower is the real-world solution to the twisted tower. It sores to a colossal 177.4 meters (582 ft) high. The architectural marvel boasts that no two floors are aligned.

The real life, twisted tower. Image credit: Antonio199cro

Inside the building offers some truly spectacular wooden interiors.

What’s next?

Model plan of the MAD Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Centre Image credit: MAD

In China the MAD Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Centre is nearing completion. The buildings look more like a mountain range than a traditional city skyline and within the 560,000 sqm (6027789.83 sqft) area, that’s 77.5 football (soccer) pitches. There are also large areas of green space dotted between the peaks, so there may well even be the option to kick a football around!

Model plan of the MAD Nanjing Zendai Himalayas Centre Image credit: MAD

There is even a mini, living peak that rather resembles the Chocolate Hills Bohol, The Philippines. This is a truly unique way of designing and working with a city skyline, looking to nature for inspiration. A refreshing break from very blocky designs we have come to expect in recent years.

The Jeddah Tower, Saudi Arabia, under construction. Image credit: Alejandro vn

The Jeddah Tower in Saudi Arabia is still under construction and has the majestic, yet intimidating look we have come to expect from Saudi Arabian Architecture.  It uses a Y shaped base, tapered design and each wing terminates at a different level. This design adds structural integrity to the proposed 167 floored, 1km+ (0.62+ mile) high building. To put that into perspective: it would take around 14.5 seconds to fall from the top of the tower to the ground!

It also has a really bonkers looking 30 meters (98 ft) diameter observation deck on the 157th floor. Guaranteed to make even those without vertigo a little weak at the knees.

skyscrapers 2018
Aerial view of the knee-shaking observation deck. Image credit: Smith Gill