The new version 3 (3.20) of Spatial Manager™ has already been released. It comes with interesting innovations and the users can enjoy the best Spatial Manager™ application suite published so far.

Powerful and Easy to use Background Maps

If you are a BricsCAD (v.13 – v.16) user, you can now choose from many Backgrounds Maps from many providers such as OpenStreetMap, Bing, MapBox, etc. They will enhance the drawings quality and will let you compare and check better.
Click here for the video about Background Maps

Data Structure Management and Direct Data Edition

Design and edit the Structure that will be used to store the data attached to the objects. Manage the Tables and the Fields according to your needs. You will also find new Tools available to Attach, Detach and Select data. The data attached to the objects (EEDs/XDATA) is no longer read-only data
For more information about Data Structure Management, see the video here

Labeling objects while importing

You can now Label the Point features or the Centroids while importing from files or spatial tables into the drawing. Text label properties taken from fields
Click here for more information about labeling objects while importing with the Spatial Manager app

New GML data provider – UK Ordnance Survey data compatibility

The GML data provider has been added to the extensive list of the Spatial Manager™ data providers. You can now read GML, GZ and XML files. Good news for the UK users who can now Access the great Ordnance Survey MasterMap spatial data information
See the video for more information about the new GML data provider

Importing news

  • Spatial filter to import only the objects in the current view
  • Elevation parameter applied to all objects (Points, Blocks, etc.)
  • Block names can be selected according the value of a field
  • The Centroids are now placed in front of the Polygons fills
  • New rotation units in the Block parameters
  • Non-numeric fields are now valid Parameters for Blocks, Elevations or Thickness
  • OpenStreetMap lets you now choose the fields to read
  • SQL Server parameter to select the syntax for new date fields
  • WFS spatial boundaries when importing
  • New ‘Create shortcut from path’ allows you define Shortcuts for network addresses
  • Random colors for new Layers have been enhanced

Exporting news

New optional items:

  • Handle of the objects
  • Layer of the objects
  • Elevation of the objects
  • Name and Attributes of the Block references
  • Text objects and their basic properties (Rotation and Height)
  • Objects data (EED/XDATA). They are always exported in previous versions
  • Fields with null values

Z coordinates are now exported in all cases:

  • The Elevation can be taken as Z coordinate if it is not available

Coordinate Systems news

  • ‘Last-used’ CRS list also available when assigning CRSs to drawings
  • Multiple search terms are now applied in any field (not all in the same field)
  • The search filter used previously remains unchanged in the catalog along a working session
  • Optimized the workflow when showing a background map without a Coordinate System assigned to the drawing
    • In addition to a relevant warning, the Coordinate System catalog is directly accessible
  • EPSG 8.9 update (CRSs and other objects)

Performance and compatibility news

  • Drawing the objects once imported is almost instantaneous
  • Remarkable speed-up when reading geometries
  • Centroids calculation methods improved
  • Blocks properties (Name and Attribute values) are shown in the application Palette
  • Exporting to KML or KMZ files performance has been significantly improved
  • Application loading times reduced
  • Trial version less restrictive: 75% of the objects are processed anyway
  • BricsCAD 16 compatibility
  • Windows 10 compatible
  • Note: some functions are available on the “Standard” and/or “Professional” editions only

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