It’s been a busy week at Bricsys HQ! On the 25th of April, we held a student BIM seminar for local architecture undergraduates from Ghent University. Then, on the 26th and 27th, we delivered a press event for influential CAD authors, bloggers and publishers from around the world. More information on the press event is coming to this blog soon!

Student BIM seminar

The goal of our student BIM seminar? We wanted to show tomorrow’s architects that there is more than one way to do Building Information Modeling – particularly, how BIM is done in the world of DWG with BricsCAD. The seminar was organised by the students with the help of Bricsys’ BIM experts. The invitation was open to all future architects, designers and engineers.

lieven scheire student bim seminar

Lieven Scheire, a Belgian comedian, opened the night with a “sketch” of his own,  “The Special Relativity Theory”. Lieven explained how Einstein’s Special Relativity Theory works – in his own words. After the audience had the opportunity to get a good laugh, the students took the stage with their projects.

The Students Take the Stage

student bim seminar presentation

The students have been working in BricsCAD BIM for the last several months. They quickly adopted the BricsCAD BIM workflows thanks to their CAD knowledge and with the help of the handy online tutorials that we offer.

First, the student team imported a nearly complete IFC model of the Barcelona Pavilion, designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The model was mainly complete, but it was in need of some finishing touches. First, the student team demonstrated how easy it is in BricsCAD BIM to add walls and roofs with using Polysolids.

Then, they showed the use of BIMdrag with boundary detection to generate the interior walls. The students finished the model by adding materials, all of which were easily imported from a series of JPEG images.

barcelona pavilion bricscad bim

Next, another student team created a BIM model completely from scratch and presented it to their peers to show the modeling power of BricsCAD BIM. The model, shown below, is a three-story apartment building.

apartment model bricscad bim

Bricsys’ HQ is located on the second floor of the UCO Tower at Bellevue 5, so the last presentation was “close to home”. The students ended their time on stage with a demonstration of the Structure Browser, using the UCO Tower model. The Structure Browser allows you to classify geometry and add compositions. It’s the best way to organize your BIM and build out the data model.

uco building ghent bricscad bim

Afterwards, the students had a lot to talk about over catered food and drinks. We are not alone in voting the first BricsCAD student BIM seminar as a resounding success!

student bim seminar reception

Free BricsCAD Academic license

Students have always free access to BricsCAD software. How do you receive your academic license? It’s simple. Register your account, download the software, and all the BricsCAD features are at your disposal, free of charge.