Although most civil design programs have tools (of varying complexity) to support detailed subdivision design and documentation, they tend to ignore the critical preliminary design process. For example, I was stunned to learn that many civil engineers are still accustomed to spending hours if not days on a  preliminary subdivision design. This severely hampers the ability to respond to your client in a timely manner and it wastes precious billable hours.

Preliminary subdivision design does not have to be hard!

The video below demonstrates Civil Site Design running on BricsCAD, one of the many BricsCAD 3rd party apps. Starting from a surface generated from Google elevation data and road centerline polylines, a preliminary subdivision design for a 30 road parcel, with over 90 intersections, is generated in under 4 minutes.

A more effective process for subdivision design can:

  • Get more project awards by showing a well-developed design concept to the client, early in the process.
  • Quickly evaluate alternative designs with full quantity take-offs available from the start!
  • Provide advanced visualizations for the client showing sightlines, etc.

This type of subdivision design automation is what engineers should expect in 2018

If you make your living as a Civil Engineer, you should be demanding this functionality from your software providers. Civil Site Design has a number of automation tools that simplify the design process while providing the more advanced features required on many projects.

Some of these features include:

  • Automated road design with initial best fit vertical design
  • Automated curb return generation
  • An intuitive template creator/editor
  • Advanced cul-de-sac and roundabout design tools
  • A vertical grading editor linked to the road network (Changing the vertical design of one road adjusted a linked road and curb returns automatically)
  • A feature-rich visualization tool that automatically reflects changes in the design
  • Instantaneous cross-section and plan/profile sheet creation
  • Instant quantity take-offs
  • An e-learning system to ensure you are productive in days, not months

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