BricsCAD is pleased to announce its newest and most fun addition to the BricsCAD commands: TEDify!

fun cad

What is TEDify?

It’s the first tool to fool BricsCAD into turning any shape into a teddy bear. Simply enter the TEDIFY command into the command line or select it from the ribbon. Choose any shape and BricsCAD will convert it to a teddy bear automatically.

Why did BricsCAD create this?

fun cad
Inspired by Jeff Koons and his absurd art.

I spoke to Flori Opal, our newest developer at BricsCAD, who has been working with Prof. Alilo using special A.F.O.O.L. technology to build this tool. She claimed to have been inspired by the pop artists Jeff Koons and Clause Oldenburg, who enjoyed putting the absurdity into art.

fun cad
Prof. Alilo and Flori Opal hard at work.

She explained that she knew all too well that CAD can be slow, complicated and at times a little dull. She wanted to put the fun back into CAD. That’s why she was inspired to create TEDify.

“CAD can be boring with BricsCAD CAD is fun” – Flori Opal

If you’re still wondering who Ted Rossdale is, maybe we have the answer for you. Could he be the man who inspired TEDify?

Want to get your hands on this new command?

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This was published as an April fools joke. I’m afraid to disappoint but BricsCAD is not currently launching the TEDify command.