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BricsCAD BIM basics: The basics of sketching

In this video, we’ll show the basics of the Polysolid feature, which can be used to create walls and other shapes in BricsCAD BIM.

Where can it be found?

Depending on how you prefer to model your BIM, there are a couple of options where to find the Polysolid tool:

  • In the application menu
  • In the 3D solids toolbar
  • In the Quad cursor menu

Open the quad cursor menu by right clicking in the drawing Area. “Polysolid” can be found in the model tab.

where to find polysolid tool BricsCAD

How can the feature be used?

At the most basic level, to create the wall all you need to do is select a start point, an endpoint and provide a height.

Polysolidtool BricsCAD

Adjust standard settings of the Polysolid tool just before drawing

You can adjust the standard width, height or justification settings right after launching the command.

Press “CTRL” while drawing to toggle the alignment options

You can switch the alignment of your polysolid to left, center or right.

polysolidtool BricsCAD

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