Who is Chloë Guidi? Well the lass who created Parametrize of course! Don’t let looks deceive you, she is in fact, an extremely formidable programmer and the brains behind Parametrize. Not bad for a someone straight out of university! This week it was my delight to sit down and get to know more about the story of Parametrize.

What is Parametrize?

Parametrize is a tool that creates fully constrained, parametric, 3D models, fully automatically, with just a click. It does this by adding constraints to the model. It was designed to take the manual labor out of parameterizing a solid.

Simply select the solids, click Parametrize, and all the parameters and constraints appear in the Mechanical Browser automatically. You can then change the values in the browser or use the new Visualization tool and change them within the pop-up boxes. The constraints can be set to ratio expressions or a fixed value. You can also add or remove any parameters and constraints you need.

Select solids to Parametrize

Parameters are automatically assigned names, but you can change them yourself. To identify what a particular parameter does right click and select “animate” to animate the individual parameters. If nothing else, this is really fun to watch. I urge you to try it out for yourself.

I’m always happy when I just animate a parameter and I say: OK, it actually worked!

It’s really useful if you want to create a range of designs that are similar but say, need to be available in a variety of heights or widths.

What was the design process?

It all started with a simple chair.

One day Eric, our CEO, decided that it would be “cool” to be able to Parametrize a solid automatically. Chloë embraced the project wholeheartedly, starting by Parametrizing a simple chair and developing Parametrize to the super fast and convenient tool you see today.

Now every time I sit on a chair I think ‘How can I Parametrize this?’

How does Parametrize work with other tools?

Use BMINSERT to import the parametrized assembly into another BricsCAD model. The object will remain Parametrized! This is really useful if you are designing furniture for a building and want to work out exactly how it will fit in a gap. See it in action here.

You can also use a specialized version of Parametrize on sheet metal parts: SMPARAMETRIZE. No need to remodel the same thing over and over.

All 30,000+ components in our library of standard parts and features come fully parametrize already, saving you even more time. However, if you’re creating your own components, then you can save all the automatically created parameters to your library files.

What’s Next?

Currently, Parametrize only works for 3D solids but there are plans to bring out a 2D functionality. Chloë also hopes to make it work for parametric arrays. In the meantime, if you have any problems, don’t hesitate to send a support request, she’ll be ready and waiting to help you out herself.

Read more about Parametrize.

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