Who is Wouter Nys? He’s not only one of the guys who created Quickdraw. He’s also the guy who created Blockify. No rest for the wicked eh? He came back to the sofa to tell me all about Blockify and why it’s more than just a cool name.

What is Blockify?

Blockify is not just a really cool name, but also a really cool tool.

At its heart, Blockify is a quick similarity check between 3D solids or sets of 2D entities and it is as unique and exclusive to BricsCAD as Wouter, no other CAD software has a functionality like this and no other software company has a Wouter like ours!

auto draw CAD blocks
It’s invaluable for tidying up geometry. If ungrouped geometry is lain over the top of each other, it can be really frustrating to try and tidy up a drawing, but with Blockify you can dynamically create CAD blocks.

Simply launch Blockify, drag over the input set and in the blink of an eye, the lines are converted to block references. Blockify gives you the option to choose the insertion point, which is really handy for unusually shaped objects! The tool also works in 3D, which can be useful when working with imported geometries from external suppliers.

You’d expect something like Blockify would take a long time to do its thing, but you’d be mistaken. It checks and converts complete drawings in seconds. By converting complex groups into blocks, files sizes are reduced and work becomes smoother, faster and makes working with CAD fun again. Watch it in use at Bricsys 2018.

new for v19

What was the design process?

User feedback was the driving force behind the concept and design of the dynamic Blockify. Which is probably why Heidi named it her “favorite new tool”.

I think it’s really cool to work with users

After listening to customer feedback Wouter realized that a lot of people worked with very complicated drawings and, as such, the files’ sizes were large, frustrating, and slow to use.

Blockify started as a basic check of the number of vertices, edges, and faces in an object and was then expanded as use cases came in, to really make Blockify something that users want and need.

How does Blockify work with other tools?

Well, just like everything else in BricsCAD, blocks are parametric. This goes one step further than AutoCAD®’s dynamic blocks and means you can draw one block and auto-insert it in a huge range of orientations, without having to remodel. Find more about parametric blocks here.

You can also save your blocks to library files with the WBLOCK command. Which means, once drawn, you can use these blocks over and over again in other projects.

What’s next for Blockify?

There are “big plans” for Blockify yet. Wouter hopes to expand the 2D version to include elements such as text, hatches, and dimensions. Whilst giving the 3D variant a complete overhaul.

Afterwards, we want BLOCKIFY to identify groups of similar solids automatically – which is a far more complicated problem.

I wish him the best of luck on that one!

Read more about Blockify.

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