Allow me to introduce Dario Pibiri and Maaike Mertens The Man and Woman Who Brought in BricsCAD at Ecophos Industrial Services. Dario Pibiri is a piping and mechanical engineer and Maaike Mertens runs the piping and PID department.

What does Ecophos Industrial Services do?

What doesn’t it do? Ecophos Industrial Services works across a huge range of disciplines with a focus on engineering. They deliver services to everyone from the pharmaceutical and food industries to chemical, petrochemical, and energy sectors. It’s also responsible for the design of all new plants built by the Ecophos-Group.

virtual-reality and reality
BricsCAD allows you to visualize your completed project.

Their most notable project is probably the Dunkerque DCP Plant, a 4 year-long, €80,000,000 project that took around 80,000 hours of engineering to complete. Ecophos Industrial Services managed the entire project from start to finish. This plant is important as it allows the Ecophos-Group to produce its own DCP, using Ecophos patented technology in Europe.

Testing out BricsCAD

People are allergic to change. Change is always difficult, but when they start with it [BricsCAD] and they try, they realise it is not so difficult. – Maaike

When Ecophos Industrial Services first looked into moving to BricsCAD, Dario was appointed guinea pig and as all good CAD testers will understand, he did his best to crash it as quickly as possible. This was to “test BricsCAD’s stability” he assured us. He set about pushing BricsCAD to its limit, opening multiple, extremely large drawings and was impressed to discover just how much punishment BricsCAD can take. He remarked that his first impressions of BricsCAD were that it “has very large limits”, was “user-friendly”, and that he could “work very fast in 3D while modeling”.


It was really easy to adapt to BricsCAD. Within one day our engineers were productive again. Within one week they had completely switched to BricsCAD, as if we never even changed platforms. – Dario

His favorite tools are; the Quad, the Manipulator, and the Communicator for BricsCAD. The latter being important as it allows him to import and export files with external clients that use different file formats.


It’s one format: it’s .dwg and it works on multiple CAD systems. – Dario Pibiri

The native .dwg format of BricsCAD was important for the team at Ecophos Industrial Services. .dwg is the most common format used within their industry. Typically they supply .dwg files to clients. Using BricsCAD means that they don’t risk losing data converting between different formats and that there is no time lost exporting or importing.

Ecophos Industrial Services also use CADWorx to design the piping and mechanical elements so it is extremely important that BricsCAD is fully compatible. They were impressed to discover that BricsCAD worked “just as well” as the software they had used previously and this made the change “very smooth”.

Working in 3D

Clients have more and more difficulties reading 2D lay-outs, they prefer 3D-models.
3D-models allow [our clients] to move through them and get a good idea of what the future plant will look like. – Maaike


With BricsCAD clients don’t need to imagine. They can take a virtual walk before the foundations are even laid!

BricsCAD also works in 3D, which is extremely useful. Ecophos Industrial Services like to be able to show their clients exactly what their project will look like.


BricsCAD intervenes very quickly when we have questions and that is very important, especially in engineering. Our main cost is time. If we don’t have an answer quickly we can’t proceed, so fast interventions are crucial to us. – Maaike

Like so many others, both Maaike and Dario love BricsCAD’s efficient, fast and personal customer service.

Are you the next Dario Pibiri or Maaike Mertens?

Be the man or woman that Brought in BricsCAD at your company. Try all of our products, for free for 30 days at and get started with .dwg drawings. Freedom of choice, plus perpetual (permanent) product licenses that work with all languages, in all places. You’ll love what we’ve built for you with the BricsCAD® product family.

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