The structure browser displays the entities in the current project as an interactive tree based on properties. This includes the entities contained within any Xrefs. You can change the configuration so that the various elements are organized based on the property that best suits your needs.

How do I access the Structure Browser?

Hover your cursor over a toolbar or the Ribbon, and right-click. Then choose Structure from the drop-down menu or simply enter STRUCTUREPANEL into the Command line.

The icon for the Structure Browser panel is a rectangle with two rectangles beneath it, connected via straight lines:

structure browser icon

How do I change the configuration of the Structure Browser?

configuration structure browser drop down menu
Click on the horizontal stripes and select your chosen configuration from the dropdown menu. BricsCAD comes with 3, ready-made configurations: bim, default and mechanical, but you can also add your own.

The same drawing, shown with various configurations of the BricsCAD Structure Browser. Right to left: bim, default, mechanical.

The default sort order is:

default: Layer, Entity type

BIM: Building, Storey, BimType

mechanical: Entity type, Layer, Color

However, if the default configurations don’t cut it for you, you can open up the configuration dialog (select it from the drop-down menu). From here you can change the configuration to your heart’s content. Our Help Center has detailed instructions on how to change the configuration.

custom configuration structure browser


The configuration dialog for the structure browser bricscad

NOTE: It’s a good idea to save a new configuration before making edits to the current configuration. This way you do not lose the BricsCAD default configurations. To do this first click on “File” then select “Save As…” from the drop-down menu.

custom configuration structure browser

The configuration is saved as a .cst file. By default, the .cst files are stored in the Support Folder.

See the Structure Browser configurator in action →

Did You Know?

You can select objects by clicking on them in the structure panel. Alternatively, right-click to bring up a context menu. This gives you the option to Show, Hide, Isolate and Zoom to the entity/entities selected. Which can be extremely handy when working on large and complicated projects!

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