Working with Tiled Viewports in Model Space

Working with Viewports in BricsCAD

The drawing window in model space can split into two or more viewports. This lets you see the same drawing in several different ways, for example, zoomed-in in one viewport, and with different layer settings applied in another. We will show you how to create and delete viewports, draw entities that start in one viewport and end in another, switch between multiple, create a new viewport inside an existing viewport, and merge adjoining viewports together.

Viewports are created with the VPORTS command. Default options let you create 2, 3, or 4, and you can orient them vertically or horizontally.

The dominant (active) viewport is surrounded by a heavy dark line. That’s where the cursor appears and where things happen when you enter a command. Want to switch between them? Simply click in another viewport or press Ctrl+R to cycle between them.

2D Drawings

Get an overview of your drawing in one viewport and a detailed view of your plan in another. Also, you can draw from one viewport to another. Start a line in the zoomed-in detail, and end it in another viewport.

Tips for Viewports and 3D Drawings

When you are modeling in 3D, you can easily create 4 views – top, front, side and isometric – with the VPORTS command. Control your view angles using the “Look from” widget. Each viewport can display its own different visual style.

Want more than 4?

Select the dominant viewport and enter the VPORTS command. You can save the viewport layout if you like the set up. Enter the VPORTS command, and then enter the ‘s’  sub-command and type in a name for your viewport setup.

You can join multiple viewports. Enter VPORTS command, enter ‘j’, select the dominant one and select the viewport you wish to join it with.

Cancel the viewports

Enter the VPORTS command, enter ‘SI’ and you’re back to one, single view of your model.

Check out this article about Paper Space Layouts in the Model Space.

Ralph Grabowski

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