This week’s Tuesday Tips is an extra special one, on well, Tips! Discover the Hotkey Assistant (the best-kept secret in BricsCAD®?) and the Tips Panel. Plus, learn why the Hotkey Assistant is a firm in-house favorite!

What’s is the Hotkey Assistant for?

The Hotkey Assistant (previously know as the Tips Widget) appears in a whole number of commands.

For example, when using Extrude, you can hit Ctrl to change between different modes; Auto, Create, Subtract and Unite.

What does it do?

tips for the extrude command in BricsAD
The Hotkey Assistant

The Hotkey Assistant is a nifty little tool that gives you onscreen hints and helps you “unlock” the higher functions of your commands.

Where is it?

You’ll find it nested, down in the bottom middle of your screen.

tips for BircsCAD are displayed here
Locating the elusive Hotkey Assistant.

How do I turn it off and on?

You will find the controls for the Hotkey Assistant (HKA) on the right of the status bar. To toggle it on and off simply click the icon.

hot key assistant in staus bar
Toggle the Hotkey Assistant in the bottom-right corner.

To edit which commands the Hotkey Assistant displays for, right-click the HKA letters and select “Configure…” from the right-click menu. Simply uncheck a box, if you no longer wish to see the Hotkey Assistant for that command.

the controls for the hotkey assistant
Choose when the Hotkey Assistant is and isn’t displayed with the configuration menu.

Alternatively, you can click the small cross, to the right of the Hotkey Assistant when it appears during a command.

The Hotkey Assistant is great for selection!

Use the Hotkey Assistant when hovering over polylines. Hit Ctrl to select only a section of the line!

select section of Polygon. BricsCAD

You can also use the Hotkey Assistant when selecting with a window selection. Hit Ctrl to cycle between the selection modes: entire entities, faces or edges.

Select edge or face in BricsCAD.

It also works on BIM commands…

Change the alignment of the polysolid using the Hotkey Assistant.

If you use the Polysolid command, Ctrl will toggle between the alignment options of the wall. During BIMStair, Ctrl cycles between the different stair types.

…Mechanical commands…

Using the Hotkey assistant when hemming a sheet metal part.

The Hotkey Assistant appears during all kinds of Mechanical commands. For example, when hemming a sheet metal part, hit Ctrl to cycle through the option of Smart Tapering or Forced Tapering.

…and even in Paperspace!

tips for the view base reposition the view
“Unlocking” the view with the Hotkey Assistant during the ViewBase command.

The Hotkey Assistant even works in Paper space! For example, when using the ViewBase command hit Ctrl to reorientate views. It will break the relation of the view to the base (parent) view and allow you to move the projected view freely.

The Tips Panel

And finally, no Tuesday Tips on Tips would be complete without a mention of the Tips Panel! If you select a tool from the Ribbon, the Tips Panel will display a handy demo and give a short explanation of the command.

the tips panel
The Tips panel displaying useful information about each command.

If it’s not already on, right-click anywhere on the panels or Ribbon and select it from the Panels menu.

Right-click to bring up the right-click menu and add panels to your workspace.

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