Updating BricsCAD to V17.2 is easier than you might think!

We’ve received a lot of questions about updating BricsCAD to V17.2. We want to ensure that everyone out there understands how easy it is to update to our latest release, because installing a new version of BricsCAD redefines easy.

1) Is V17.2 a free update?

Yes, it’s totally free of charge, if you own a V17 license. Go to bricsys.com, enter your registered email address, and download V17.2. Run the downloaded file, and the installer will automatically update your existing BricsCAD V17 to V17.2.

If you own an earlier version of BricsCAD, you can upgrade easily for a small fee. Upgrades start at just €245/$265. Just login with your Bricsys account credentials, and you can be up to date with BricsCAD V17.2 in just a few minutes.

2) Is V17.2 a full installation, or is it a patch?

You might be used to multi-gigabyte patch files from other CAD systems. Well, get ready to smile, because the entire V17.2 release for Microsoft Windows is a 248MB .MSI file. Yes, that’s right – one quarter of a gigabyte. Everything. All of BricsCAD is in there. When you’re ready, updating your BricsCAD installation to V17.2 will take just a few minutes of your (precious) time.

3) Do I need to uninstall my existing version of BricsCAD?

No, just download and run the V17.2 installer. It will automatically replace V17 if it is installed on your computer.

Wait a second, there’s more. And it’s all good:

4) Can I install V17.2 side-by-side with a previous version of BricsCAD?

If you have a previous release (e.g., V16), your previous release will remain installed on your machine and can be run separately.

5) Will all of my settings be migrated over to V17.2?

We will do our absolute best to preserve all of your current customizations and settings. If you have created custom menus, we will even manage the backup of your custom CUI file during the upgrade process. The V17.2 installer will guide you through the steps in migrating your settings to BricsCAD V17.2.

You can always ask any questions about BricsCAD and how to get updated to V17.2 on our support page.