Using the DimBreak Command in BricsCAD

DimBreak helps improve drawing clarity

If you draw in BricsCAD, you probably need DimBreak. Have you noticed how quickly dimension and extension lines can get crossed up? It’s a common situation as you add additional dimensions to your drawing sheets. Also, you’ll find that some dimension annotations will lie on top of drawing geometry. When this happens, drawing clarity suffers – and that’s the last thing that a designer wants! You need to ensure that the fabricators or builders who will use your drawings get the correct data from those sheets.

This short video by Ralph Grabowski will show you how to clean up these unwanted overlaps. Ralph uses the DimBreak command in BricsCAD to break and heal dimension and extension lines that cross each other. Next, he’ll show you how to clean up dimensions that obscure other entities.

What happens when your drawing changes and a specific break is no longer needed? Well, the DimBreak command can also heal existing breaks one at a time, or across the entire drawing. Finally, Ralph shows you how to properly leverage the Auto option of the command.

The dimensioning tools in BricsCAD are very powerful, and better yet, quite familiar. Do you want to learn more about dimensioning in BricsCAD, and DimBreak in particular? Click on the links below to access these specific on-line help pages at

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