Using Mass Properties in BricsCAD

With BricsCAD you can create assemblies of parts with different densities. In this video we’ll show you how to design a self-balancing wine bottle holder by using assembly mass properties calculations and 3D constraints.

Alternatively, we can simply use Mass Properties to output information on our selection to the text screen. Here you see the combined mass and volume of the selected objects, along with the center of mass, and moments of inertia. You are even given the option to align your UCS with the equilibrium point.

To find the equilibrium point for the self-balancing wine holder, simply draw a line from the center of the holder to the center of mass of the assembly. This line represents the normal direction of force caused by gravity relative to the top of our table. To orientate our wine holder to its balance point, we simply have to apply a perpendicular constraint.

A self-balancing wine bottle holder created with BricsCAD Platinum, using assembly mass properties calculations and 3D constraints.

Hannes L.

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